Leap - featured Image on Visit London

Here's a shot I'd been wanting take for ages but could never seem to be at the right place at the right time.

The right place is the skatepark on London's South Bank and the right time was a late summer evening when the light hits the arena and skateboarders in a very particular way.  Well. I finally got the shot that was in my mind's eye.

The key thing for me was not just to capture the leaping skateboarder, but also to get his shadow on the graffiti behind him. The technical challenge was to keep as much in focus as possible whilst also "freezing" the skateboarder in mid-air. The late evening golden light was the perfect illumination and also helps frame the skateboarder very nicely.

A big thank you to Visit London and for tweeting out this image to their followers

This is now up in my London gallery and available as a print or canvass.

Thanks for reading, Mo