London Marathon 2017

Hello all, hope you're well and thanks for visiting.

I'm enjoying an extremely busy period right now, which is great and what's really stimulating is the variety of the assignments I've been shooting over the last few weeks.  These have ranged from weddings to portrait shoots to events assignments to one of the world's biggest marathons.

And that's just the last two weeks!

I'll be blogging in the next few days about a very special events assignment over Easter in a very special location (hint - atop one of London's most iconic buildings).  Today though,  I want to share some images from yesterday's London Marathon.

My assignment was to capture Orchid Cancer's runners who were raising money for the fabulous work that Orchid do infighting male cancers.  The roadside vantage point was perfect - a great view of the runners with London's City skyline in the background.

Huge congratulations to all the participants, who will have raised millions for so many wonderful causes. 

The atmosphere was fantastic, the weather was kind and we even saw a practical use for Batman's famous utility belt!

And here's my favourite image from yesterday:

I really wanted to nail a shot that did two things - frame the runners against the skyline and also capture a sense of movement for the runners.  Normally this means slow shutter speeds to get that motion blur.  But there's bright daylight so the camera wants to use a fast shutter speed.  Also, it was just not possible to shoot with a tripod.

So what did I do?  I reduced my ISO to 100, narrowed the aperture to F12 (to let less light into the camera), turned on the Vibration reduction on the lens and finally experimented with shutter speeds to get the right look.  In the end, I settled on 1/20th of a second for the shutter speed.

Hope you like all the images and please do visit Orchid's website to find out more about the amazing work they do.

And if you're a charity looking for a creative photographer, please get in touch and let's discuss how we can get the best possible images for you.

Have a good week, Mo

Into 2017

Thanks for tuning in and I hope 2017 is going well for you all.

Before I start on today's blog topic, I'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone for their patience, sympathies and well wishes while I was occupied with my Dad's illness and subsequent passing.

2017 is a new year, a new start and a chance for me to refocus on my photography in a major way.

I have several exciting projects in the pipeline and I'll be bringing them to you right here on my blog.

Expect to see a lot more events and people photography in the next few months, with select images appearing here on my site.  I will also be launching a new Instagram feed purely for my events, portrait and wedding work; my current IG account (@images_by_mo) will continue to feature my London and Travel images. The new feed IG feed is (@bespoke_imagesbymo).

One of the highlights of 2016 for me was linking up with the fabulous people at Peekaboo Events - specialists in events planning, decor & lighting for weddings, corporate and charity events (Peekaboo designed and delivered the gorgeous setting above for a woodland themed corporate party).

Peekaboo asked me to capture some of their breathtaking work for both weddings and corporate events and it's been a personal and creative pleasure.  As a wedding photographer I've seen a lot of event planning and decor - I can honestly say that I'm blown away by the creativity, attention to detail, originality and delivery of the Peekaboo team.

Above is a white themed wedding setting which I just couldn't wait to get snapping; moody directional lighting, lots of contrast, fab textures and exquisite details - all guaranteed to get my photographic juices flowing.

I'm looking forward to doing much more with Peekaboo over the next year and will be highlighting some of their work in my Events and Wedding sections.

So if you're planning a wedding or corporate event, please give Peekaboo Events a visit and tell them Mo sent you!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with another blog very soon.  Teaser: It'll be about how I got this shot:


Have a great weekend,