Christmas Lights

One of the signature aspects of the Holiday Season is of course, the chance to experience the beautiful Christmas Lights wherever you happen to be.

Like many cities, London has an annual Winter Wonderland and that means lots of beautiful Christmas lights to photograph.  So the next challenge is how to capture the lights in a slightly unique way?  Here's how I chose to do it - in an abstract way that highlighted the points of light.



In fact, I chose to go so abtract that the large Ferris wheel and the various points of light seem almost impressionistic.  The lights appear as "bokeh" in photography speak - that's the ethereal, circular effect on the lights and bokeh appears usually as background to a sharp person or other subject.

Here though, I chose not to have a foreground subject and to get this effect, I deliberately blurred the focus. 

i know I know, all photographs should be as sharp as possible at all times shouldn't they?  Well, no - occasionally, to get the creative effect you need, it's worth breaking the rules.

A huge thank you to the London4All Instagram Group who selected this as the winner of their Christmas Lights theme.  Given the high standard of the other entries, I'm especially delighted that this was selected.

As with all my London and Places images, this is available as a print or canvass.  Please email me on to discuss the options.

Thanks for reading, Mo

London at Christmas

Which great city DOESN'T look great at Christmas - especially at night?

London's no exception and I have to say, it's looking especially pretty this year.

Here's the annual Christmas Market at More London, with The Shard looming over the scene.


To get this image, I used a wide angle lens (Tokina 11-20mm) with the camera set on a tripod at a very low height - that's what gives the dramatic angle looking up at the modern buildings in the background.

You can make out very faint blurs of passers-by as they move along.  The 1.3 second exposure causes them to blur out.

A big thank you to Visit London for featuring this image on Twitter:

I hope you like the image - like all my London images, it's available as a print.  Please contact me for sizing and pricing info.

Thanks for reading, Mo