Just a quick post, mainly to share this photo and to express my sadness at David Bowie's death.

I was always aware of Bowie's music, of course but it was in the sixth-form at school that I really started to explore and appreciate his albums. 

I paid a visit to the Bowie mural in Brixton, South London and even a few days after his passing, there were so many people paying their respects.  What struck me was the sheer variety of people there - punks, office workers, young and old, black and white; all going to show just what a powerful presence Bowie was, and how diverse his audience was.

As always, I had my camera and wanted a unique image. It was then that I noticed the lady wearing the highly reflective shades - and THAT was the image I wanted.  It's now in my People gallery.

And if she's reading this, a big thank you to Elena Cresto for lending me the Bowie albums all those years ago at school!  He's been one of my favourite artists to this day.

Thanks for reading, Mo